Excerpt from the comic that started it all. Read it    here   .

Excerpt from the comic that started it all. Read it here.

We think the inner kiddo inside each of us has had enough worrying and stressing for the time being. That little spirit has earned the right to play!

Whether you’re a big kid, a little kid, a parent, a teacher, or a mentor, we think you’ll like it here.

Let’s play until the sun goes down.

How this got started:

We launched this site in early 2017 to publish our mediocre doodles, and soon it began taking on a life of its own. The doodles became an obsession, which led to a children’s book, which led to workshops and products and pop-ups. It’s too much fun to stop.

How to submit:

Check out our guidelines, and send us some smokin’ toast!

Kate and Christoph Teves

About our founders:

Kate and Christoph Teves fell in love in high school and then made the bad decision to lose each other for a couple decades. Thank goodness the stars re-aligned. After several years in New York, they moved to South Florida in 2015. It's a good place for comedic inspiration, and a great place for sunsets.