It's Called: Bedtime

By Kate Teves

Rainbow Kitten Surprise is from Boone, NC.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise is from Boone, NC.

Most nights I climb into bed at 10:30 pm. I slip on a sleep mask, and I watch my brain unravel. For those first three minutes of rest, a technicolor ballet flashes across the TV screen of my mind: rainbows, rivers, monsters, madness, planets, pixels. It’s magnificently weird.

I have always suspected this performance is why I don’t have any interest in drugs. But it might also be why I don’t have any interest in the new Rainbow Kitten Surprise video.

But first. Their new song “It’s Called: Freefall” is absolutely superb. It is wonderful. It is drop-dead. So it is particularly devastating that such a masterpiece is forced to keep time alongside a mediocre (and out of focus, and no, that doesn’t make it interesting) animated video.

In the video’s defense, it does explore loose but striking tropes about slavery and the ouroboros of power. But most of the time, it all just feels like a series of hallucinations from a Phish fanclub zine, circa 1997. Or like snapshots of my brain at 10:31 pm.

I should apologize for this unbridled negativity, but if I did, you wouldn’t believe me when I say something really is earth-shattering-ly good. And “It’s Called: Freefall” really is earth-shattering-ly good.