March 2019 Horoscopes

By Christoph Teves

The stars are up to their mischief again, but this time they will lead you to all the right places.


This month will provide you with enough energy to power you through even the most strenuous tasks.  Been postponing that important discussion with family and colleagues? Don’t bother! Your mojo will be on point this month, and no challenge will be too big: your diet, your cross-fit regimen, or The New York Times crossword puzzle. You’re set to fire on all cylinders (Dodge Ram Promo Here) so unleash the beast.



You’re setting yourself up for a standout month, perhaps in preparation for your upcoming birthday? With Mars continuing through your sign, your steadfast persistence will be sharper than ever. No better time than now to polish up on your inner charm as this month puts it to a test.  Time to collect on the favor you’re owed, as your circle of friends is there to lend a hand. Your cuisine for this month is Ethiopian: go get some!



Change is in the air, and this month you can’t avoid it. Take on whatever lies in your path with the confidence that you can do it. Say yes to the new adventures and friendships; chances are you’ll be happy you did. You can’t be a Gemini without being a gem, so call your grandparents and tell them you love them, or call your parents too if that’s all you have. If neither, look yourself in the mirror and open your eyes to say how amazing you are.



Your hopes and dreams of yesteryear have the best chance of fruition this month, so dust them off and plug away. Don’t stress if you unexpectedly have a falling out with a good friend or colleague; taking time away will help in your self-discovery. With spring in the air, break out your hiking boots and set on new path, don’t worry about your direction because you’re bound to take the right turns. Fudge-Covered Nutter-Butters have been calling your name, go on, buy a pack.



You’re the king of the jungle and this month is no different, except you might be blindsided with a surprise by the universe. Don’t fret, your inner strength and ability to stay on track is exactly what will propel you ahead. Trust yourself and others, as this month assures those around you of just how wonderful and smart you are.  If you’re not sure what’s lacking in your life, try out a new hobby or blindly choose a new restaurant to go out to. 115 is your lucky number, you’ll figure it out.



Fertility and the ability to explore new possibilities are what lie ahead. You’ll have plenty of people to choose from to go on your next adventure so start contacting them now. Chances are you’ll connect with a new romance in your life this month, so don’t turn a blind eye on fate. Cheese and more cheese is what’s destined for your plate on more than one evening this month, go for it, you’ve earned it!



Be prepared for the changes that lie ahead this month in your relationship and financial house. Take control and trust that what’s taking place is for the better.  Take a time out for yourself this month to evaluate what brings you happiness and what matters, and clear out the garbage that’s not worth hanging on to. If you’ve never made corn muffins before, this is the time to do it, and use the Irish butter, mmmm mmmm thank me later.



Everyone deserves a second chance at something, and well, this month it’s your chance. This could mean second chances at love, friendship or work. Just clear your mind and be open to suggestions. The inner callings of your being are all the rage this month, so be prepared to have a volcano of emotions that involve love, creativity, and sexuality. Just act yourself and the chances are people will more than accept you and reassure you that you’re amazing. Check out an amusement park this month and ride that rollercoaster. No time like the present to change your norm.



The reigns are pulling back this month at work, as well as at your health and your typical routines. Don’t worry; these boundaries are making your path clearer and sharper for future success. Your inner toil of what makes you tick won’t shut up this month as you try and resolve how to make money and if your job is worth it. Don’t stop dreaming of your ultimate life, see it to be it, and don’t give up. Take a look at the night sky this month and wish upon a star, who knows who might be listening.



You’re the first one on the block to start your spring-cleaning, so why not do that with financial and personal arrangements first. Be honest with those who you think won’t listen to your mind, but don’t be shocked to find they actually are listening. Reassure your loved ones that you care and are there to lend a hand. Scroll through your old picture books and remind yourself how your style never went out of fashion, and give a high five to your immaculate being. Brownie sundaes are calling you this month; ask for that extra serving of whipped cream, myum!



You’ve been on a tear these last few years and it’s ok to downshift and take notice of what’s passing you by. You’re the master of the world around you; your talents and heart do not go unnoticed at work or by your friends. Don’t be bashful to let your inner talents shine this month; belt out your voice by giving karaoke another shot. Don’t allow your insecurities to get in your way of purchasing that extra large pizza over the weekend; call you friends to share a slice—they’ll love to hear from you.



A new moon means a new horizon is greeting you this month. Be open to what you may learn about others and about yourself, even if you doubt what you discover at first. Something clicks with your cosmic belief system this month, and that will manifest your belief in your inner genius. Nothing is seemingly impossible, and your ability to convince others will pay dividends when you use it for the better good. Volunteer your services and choose a new hobby; you’re too valuable to not be seen in your community.