February 2019 Horoscopes

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By Christoph Teves

Jan 21-Feb19

The cold temperatures are a good excuse to stay indoors by a fire and catch up on your Netflix queue. But don’t linger too long - you’ll find romance in peculiar places this month, so be sure to sign yourself up for new experiences. Speaking of which, have you tried the new Reese’s candy bar? If not, this month is the perfect time to treat yourself to the best candy bar to enter the market in a generation. Oh, and by the way: even though Saturn is losing its rings, you’ll be adding to yours: another close friend will come into your circle, so stay open and warm.

Feb 20-March 20

Now that Jupiter has a dolphin, it’s time to let loose and swim free. This month you should be taking your own path, conquering your own fears, and having fun. February brings your childlike self to the surface, but don’t confuse your childlike with childish. No matter what, February is full of surprises, so go ahead and flirt back with that certain someone who’s been trying to catch your eye, or shake it up a notch with the one who already has it.

March 21-April20

Mars is hot right now — and your wardrobe needs to keep up. Head out to the mall and buy yourself something exciting. Red is your color this month, so own it! And with the cold temperatures taking over most of the North, it’s the perfect time to plan a getaway—start thinking of something with sunscreen involved, but don’t spend more than you can afford.

April 21-May 21

Your new friends love to confide in you, but then they don’t seem to listen to your advice. This month don’t get annoyed; just lay down those horns and chill! And while you’re at it, you just might be lucky enough to catch the love that is beckoning in your stars. So don’t be foolish and ignore it. Oh, and: Put down those chips and get off the couch, Taurus. This is the month you finally start becoming the person you’ve always known you could be.

May 22-June 21

When it comes to commanding attention at the table, who’s better than you? But this month, you might feel caught off guard. Don’t worry; just relax and tell yourself: you got this! Chances are people think you’re the smartest person in the room, so believe that (and don’t let it get to your head). By the way, you should buy a lotto ticket on the 17th.

June 22-July22

Like avocado toast, you’re trending so soak it up. But a certain someone will try to throw you off your game, so stay alert. By the time Valentine’s Day comes along, you will have more chocolate than one can eat, so make new friends and share some. Those friends will soon learn how you provide those closest to you with unmatched loyalty. (Just don’t expect them to reciprocate.)

July 23-Aug 21

As you probably already know, people can mistake your tone for being a bit know-it-all-y, so be careful. Whenever possible, acknowledge those around you so they know you appreciate their insights. And this month, be sure to go easy on yourself by indulging in a treat (I recommend Kit Kats.) When it comes to friendships and romance, be sure to voice your opinion; it’s likely that your heart needs to be heard.

Aug 22-Sep 23

This month don’t be afraid to belt out your opinions and tell your friends how you really feel. But be careful—don’t waste your time on the nitty-gritty. You have a generous heart, so this is the perfect month to share your love with those around you. Also you love to create, and this month is a great month to bake, learn a new recipe, and explore the kitchen.

Sep 24-Oct 23

People are throwing parties and you’re on all their invite lists! Choose at random which ones to attend and allow your personality to shine. Romance is rekindling so don’t neglect to stoke that fire. Whatever you do this month, don’t neglect your inner child. Dust off that imagination and start creating again. People are watching your style, so stay glorious and bright. (And if you need inspiration, check this out).

Oct 24-Nov 22

Bright lights big city, don’t scale down your dreams. Your passions are meant to be unleashed, so don’t keep them locked up. A friend needs your spark, so take them out for an unforgettable evening they won’t regret. But go easy on purchases this month; instead of racking up more credit card debt, take a look at your old items and see what you still want.

Nov 23-Dec 22

Life’s a party when you’re around, however knowing which road to follow has never been your strong suit. Write down two major goals for the year and complete them. You may be able to give great advice to others, but seem at a loss when it comes to yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask a friend for advice. Love is spicy this month, so order it extra hot.