What are squirbles?!?!

A very special breed of rodent. Exceedingly rare. Very fond of gummy bears and seltzer. 

Who is Percy?!?!

Percy is an A+ squirble! He is very proud of his A+ family! His mom, his dad, his cat, and his fish are all stupendous!

But then there is Pip. According to Percy, Pip is an A+ pest. 

Where can I purchase "Meet The Squirbles"? 

Hard cover copies of Meet The Squirbles are currently available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Digital copies are available at iBooks and Kobo! Sign up to our newsletter for updates on other sellers.

What is Percy & Pip's Treasure Chest?!?!

Percy and Pip are donating a portion of their profits to organizations helping America's 500,000 foster children. Join them!

Is there a sequel??? 

We're working on it right now! Sign up for the newsletter to know when the toaster dings!