Why We Support Speak Up For Kids


By Kate Teves

In 2018, Christoph and I decided to join the guardian ad litem (GAL) program to support Florida's foster children. We were incredibly inspired by our coaches, some of whom had worked in the program for more than three decades and others of whom were former foster children themselves. 

We learned that guardians ad litem are like field researchers. They go into the community and talk to as many people as possible to understand a child's needs. Do they need psychotherapy? Do they need allergy medicine? Do they need a special wheelchair? A new pair of shoes? A music lesson? 

Speak Up For Kids is a non-profit in Palm Beach County that fulfills requests from certified GALs on behalf of the children they guard. Our coaches implored us to remember that no request is too silly or too large for Speak Up For Kids. They even told us how they fulfilled multiple requests for equestrian therapy! 

By working with GALs, Speak Up For Kids provides specific and tailored help to individual children. 

Speak Up For Kids is a non-political, non-religious 501(c)3 dedicated to providing kids with exactly the care they need. 

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