The Snyder Society is currently recruiting STUBBORN, HEADSTRONG, STRONG-WILLED, DIFFICULT, OBSTINATE, and/or INCORRIGIBLE girls.

Individuals who sufficiently match these qualities will undergo rigorous training to become SECRET AGENTS and fight injustice around the world.

To qualify, agents must be:

  • female

  • ages 10-13

  • passionate about reading and writing

  • stubborn, headstrong, strong-willed, difficult, obstinate, and/or incorrigible


Beginning in Summer 2019, The Snyder Society will meet once per month in Delray Beach, Florida. Meetings will be held by Special Agent Kate Teves.

Each month The Society will read a mystery book and undertake important sleuthing training.

Examples of Books We might read:

Examples of Sleuthing training We might undertake:

  • invaluable investigative inquiries

  • cryptic calligraphy

  • secret scrolls and seals

  • mysterious manga

  • curious counterfeits

Who is snyder?

Virginia Snyder was a longtime, feisty Delray Beach resident who launched her own private detective agency. She dedicated her life to solving cold cases of convicted people she believed were innocent, refusing to back down in the face of injustice. She worked on hundreds of cases and saved six people from execution.

Snyder lived in the famous Cathcart House on Swinton Avenue until her death in 2017. Learn more about her here.

Membership Dues

Every child is welcome to attend her first meeting free of charge. If she likes what she sees and would like to join the club after that, we ask that she pays the yearly membership fees.