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Wanna submit a post to Toaster Tongs? Oh goodie, we hoped you'd say that! Check out our Style Guide below, and then send us an email with your ideas! 

Our Content:

We would love you to contribute original writing, comics, photos, book recommendations, music reviews, film reviews, original animations, or other creative toast!

Our Audience: 

Toaster Tongs is dedicated to creativity and (mostly clean) humor. We make stuff for kid-like adults who like staying fun and silly.

Our Topics: 

We are excited to explore a whole bunch of topics related to art, illustration, animation, storytelling, nostalgia, and more. We are not a parenting or educational site at this time, but we would consider stories about education, games, crafts, parenting, coaching, teaching, and more.

Our Tone: 

More than anything else, Toaster Tongs can be defined by its mood. Keep it funny, light-hearted, and/or self-deprecating. Only stroll into the serious once in a blue moon.

Our Reimbursement: 

We will work with you to come up with a reimbursement that feels right. For some contributors, we might suggest a fun promotion to share your project with the world. For others, we might write a review of your book. For still others, we will work to promote a charity of your choice. And wait, for others we might even… pay you!?! We love working with artists and we want to promote you, so let’s come up with a great plan!